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Uplift - A self paced experience. Immerse yourself in a series of easeful practices inspired by the 5 elements. Find your soul through the body.

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Hello loves, Are you finding yourself adrift? Maybe you're feeling the pressure of midlife work stress, family worries or just out of sorts? Maybe you've simply lost your mojo.... I've got you covered. This gorgeous little online program, has content that you can connect with at your own pace and doesn't require big levels of commitment. It is light, bright and packed with gentle content designed to help you live a more meaningful life and reconnect with yourself. The 4 stages of the course take you through practices and short rituals to honour the elements. All you need is to create a little time and space to connect and a journal to capture anything that arises during your practice. All the practices and rituals are less than 20 mins and can be woven into your day to day. Earth - Settle into the space and ground yourself. Calm your nervous system with Yoga Nidra and breath work. Water - Rest deeper into the space, practice gratitude and explore your daily needs. We further settle the nervous system and honour the blessing of water. Fire - In this empowering chapter we allow ourselves to open up into the space of the sacred and ignite your sense of wonder, awe and magic. Air & Spirit - Deepening further into a space of vision and intuition. Explore your innate inner knowing and explore new horizons. This experience has been crafted for women just like you. I can't wait for you to join us. It is my greatest joy to see you uplifted and renewed.

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