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Being held, witnessed and guided by Rachel Fleming last week, was like diving into the treasure chest of my soul.





Rachel creates and holds honest, nurturing, authentic spaces for women to come together and share. Her warm, fun and inclusive energy encourages women to stand in their strength, vulnerability, power and femininity. It’s what we as women and men living in the world today so achingly need. Gratitude for you and this work runs so much deeper than words.




I can truly say it has been a gift to work with Rachel and am filled with gratitude to her 




I felt so held and safe Rachel's presence and she guided me to find ways forward with emotions and energy I had been carrying and that felt was stuck for a long time.





Rachel is a powerful healer with the biggest and warmest heart. She is totally authentic and never "performs" .... Whether you are happy, upset, in pain, you can show it a clear and real way and this is amazing. I'm sure it has inspired many of Rachel's students and clients over the years to 'be more real'. Rachel is a leader and game-changer!



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