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Welcome to HER JOURNEY HOME. The title of this course came from  a day workshop I taught a few years back. The day was made up of practices and tips to guide each woman

back to her body, through rest, breath, soul work, movement and song.

I have long dreamed of expanding that very format into a course that I could offer to women to help them create their own pathways back to themselves.

So with this in mind I am delighted that you have joined me on this five week exploration of the FIVE REALMS OF WOMAN-BEING.


What's included in this course:


5 weekly live calls on Zoom on Sundays 7-8.15pm

An opportunity to create a WhatsApp group (or similar) for peer support and a platform within which we can create a deeper connection within the circle. 


Video and audio files with meditations and accessible practices

With this course you will connect with:

The Earth Realm - Simple self-care practices and movement that connect you back to the very core of your being. And gets you into your physical body and out of your head.

The Water Realm


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