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A 6 week voyage of healing and self discovery

What would it mean to you to live life with more flow?

Do you feel like something is off? Like you’re disconnected and restless?

Are you overwhelmed and exhausted?

Do you feel like you need a change, but don’t even know where to start?

Are you longing for new beginnings and to manifest more of what aligns with your soul's yearnings?


What if you could navigate life with more ease and flow?

How would it feel to connect with your whole self? To bring life and awareness to parts of you you have felt disconnected to and long forgotten? To bring those parts home?

What could a deeper connection with the divine feminine and the earth unlock for you?

How would it feel to heal, let go and walk in new awareness?


All this and more is available to you, that’s why I created FLOW. For women just like you who are seeking more flow and ease in their lives, to reclaim and discover parts of themselves, to learn how to connect to their own wisdom. 


This powerful and transformative 6 week course will provide support on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. 


FLOW is an ideal opportunity to do deep innerwork in a safely held space among a small group of  other like minded and powerful women.  You will learn together and from each other. Each group creates its own unique and powerful magic. The course is a guided journey of self discovery supported by intuitive coaching and energy work. You will come away with a fresh perspective, a deeper sense of knowing and tools you can use to support yourself for the rest of your life. 

Believe me loves, I know what it's like...

I know how it feels to be overwhelmed, lost and longing for connection. I also know the deep joy of returning home to myself and the transformational power of creating more flow in my life. I draw on all the lessons I have learned through my own journey and the journeys of the countless women who I have supported through my work as a yoga teacher, reiki master, intuitive life coach and energy worker.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity and push to go with the flow course. It's been real magic. I have much to work through. But I have been reminded of the power of being seen, heard and held. I have reconnected with my whole self and been able to learn from other strong women who are all different ages and backgrounds. They have left big imprints on my heart. And most of all my womb room! I will always be able to revisit that. What a lush thing to learn about connecting with my soul. Thank you for recharging me xxx

Nadine, UK.

During the course we will cover...

Week 1 - Settle

Learn how to get away form the stress and busy-ness of day to day and settle together inviting in a new way of being. This will include sharing our heart's desires and wishes for our 6 weeks ahead together. Our main aim will be to settle the nervous system and learn practical tips on how to respond to the body's cues.

You will be given ample space in each session to explore each theme.

Week 4 - Awaken

We will start to understand what it means to be a rested woman. The structure of the session becomes more fluid and intuitive here. You will explore your creativity and what it means to see clearly and listen deeply. There will be a creative practice or activity in this session

Week 2 - Rest

We will deepen into the settled state and explore how it feels to rest. This will deepen your connection to your body. 

You will learn predominantly how to stop, listen, understand when the body needs rest and respond to what arises. In order for this to happen, we need to be embodied. So you will work with Yoga Nidra and breathwork to help you ground and center.

Week 5 - Bless

In this session I will teach you what it means to honour that which is greater than us. You will honour, bless and sanctify your body, your home, your family and relationships. This is a broad and deep area of exploration. There will be ample space for reflecting what it means to you to bless and be blessed. We will work with sacred ritual within this session. 

Week 3 - Dream

From our rested state we start to explore what we desire. And how we feel about this.

These messages come through the body. You will learn how to listen more deeply to your intuition and inner guidance

We will work with journaling and guided visualistation in this session. 


Week 6 - Flow

How glorious it will be to enter into this state of flow. We will come together in this spacious session to reflect on what we have learned. To explore how it FEELS for you to be in a state of FLOW.


Flow is a 6 week course delivered online via zoom along with content you can access for the whole year so you can embed your practice.

We start at 6.30pm UK time on Tuesday 19th September and meet each Tuesday evening for an hour.


Investment £377

Save my seat!

I only run FLOW a few times a year with a very limited number of seats to keep the groups intimate and ensure everyone has the benefit of being seen, heard and held in the space.

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