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Ummmmmm what to say?

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Here we are. May 2020. Weird old pandemic styled times.

It‘s colder today in the Uk. I’m at home with twin boys (8) and my husband (54).

I slept in my mini yoga studio last night with the kids. Might as well use it!

So I jumped on here to talk about my practice right now. It’s weird for sure. I am doing very little physical yoga but I am running every day. I meditate 4 times a week and do a daily yoga Nidra. I now have an altar in my garden. That’s new.

I am struggling to read or listen to audiobooks. Weird. I am not teaching on Zoom yet. Infact I am hugely resistant. I am not eligible for government support it seems but I do have a home and bread on the table.

I am learning to grow vegetables.

I have plunged deeper into my menopause and am starting to be more in sync with the moon.

I am taking photos everyday in nature. I have never done this before.

I am pretty bad at home schooling. I miss my female friends so badly. I want to laugh and hug them over coffee.

I love our binmen and binwomen.

So all these reflections lead to a realisation, for me at certainly, that practice can be anything that enhances your connection with nature, your body, your community and all that is sacred.

So celebrate all that is still with you. Even the beer drinking. Beer is plant based too. It’s all good.

So much love to you all. Xx

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