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Updated: Feb 12, 2022

I’m feeling witchy today.

The veils are thin. The ancestors are bustling around me with plenty to say and a desire to stick their nose in. Bless ‘em.

Did you know I was a witchy type? Most probably you did. But then we all are a bit.

All the easy decisions we make, the good luck we have and the times that everything falls into place. That all speaks of witchiness to me.

Its new moon tomorrow and the sky is dark. We’ve also just had Samhain or Halloween. So I encourage you all to get a bit witchy. Stir that pot of soup a bit more. Listen to the birdsong like it has messages. Even create a wee altar with all the pictures of your departed loved ones and raise a glass of red to them.

Enjoy it! Being intuitive is your birthright.

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