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Updated: Oct 25, 2022

How do you deal with overwhelm? Do you even recognise it in your life?

This one is big for me.

I often feel overwhelmed.

Fitting into society and other people's expectations of me, sometimes just feels a little bit too much.

Covid and lockdown didn’t really help with this. I became wilder and increasingly untamed myself day by day. It was as if this had to happen in response to some kind of collective trauma.

This wildness helped me regulate my nervous system and come out of fear and into a calmer me. I was in my body. I was centered. I was rested. I walked every day and slept when I could.

Being in my body and trusting her cues was and still is vital to me.

And you know, from a very early age I learnt how to trust my body. Thank goodness I did. Because this survival skill, has saved me time and time again.

It was the only really reliable thing in my life. It probably still is if I’m honest with myself.

And as I cast my mind back to a younger age, I reckon I developed psychic abilities about four years old.

How is this relevant to the body? Well for me it’s intrinsically linked. I have always understood that my body, mind and spirit are not separate from each other.

I was very aware at the same age, of magic and of the divine. It was just part of who I was. I was also totally in love with the natural world around me.

It’s only as a 51-year-old woman now that I recognise that. I used to sit for long periods of time watching ants at work. I loved how they busied themselves and worked as a team. It was a delight for me to quietly observe them.

I still feel that delight in my body now.

To give this some context, I lived in the tropics so was often barefoot and so close to the ground. I sat cross-legged for much of the time.

My legs were bare and my hair was loose.

I loved to swim, to run, to roll down hills, just like any other kid but I also loved to talk to god/goddess/universe.

And now as I transition through my menopause I remember this all again.

I remember that being wild, in my body, tending to my basic needs, really helps with the overwhelm.

I remember that my body is my most beloved companion.

And I remember, that finding solace in nature, with my feet on the ground, hands on the grass, sun on my face, is simply divine.

Being in my body is the answer to it all.

Simply put, I am coming home to myself.

To help you rebalance, try out this gorgeous Yoga Nidra on me.

And if this resonates I have a FREE workshop coming up on overwhelm.

Nov 9th, 7.30pm U.K. time. On Zoom. Register to be there live or receive recording.

I'd love to see you there.

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