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What are your daily needs?

This is Luna 🐶

She is doing soul work.

Sleeping is her daily practice

Infact it’s one of her 5 daily needs

She had a rocky start and gets stressed easily in the day so sleep is her jam

It regulates her nervous system

She also loves my company too and that of other dogs. This is another daily needs.

Food and water are 2 more.

And doing a massive poo 💩 in the middle of a field.

And play….

So if you don’t include the poo 💩 it’s 5.

This is one of the first things we might do together in 1:1 work.

Many of my clients are not meeting their basic daily needs that help them thrive.

And of course that can lead to dehydration, overwhelm, feeling lost and disconnected from self.

Together we identify those needs.

We start with water 🌊 always.

Getting hydrated is a game changer. And pop some salt in your water btw to up your magnesium levels.

Then it might be breathwork, human interaction or movement. If that vibes they are added to the list.

For me prayer is essential. For some it’s meditation.

And getting outside in nature is a biggie.

So pretty quickly we reach the golden list of needs for the mind/body/soul/spirit system

And I would ask you to weave those into your life and give yourself some grace with the process

Be curious on a day that you feel like 💩

What have you missed out?

So I know it doesn’t some that cosmic or exciting but when your needs aren’t met you will feel disconnected.

And when you’re disconnected from yourself then you can’t hear your soul.

And when you can’t hear your soul the you aren’t aligned with your purpose.


So would you love to

👉🏼Identify your needs?

👉🏼Learn how to love yourself enough to meet them?

👉🏼Be calm enough to share them with others?

👉🏼And enable them to help you meet them too?

Come and have a wee chat with me and I’d love to help you with it.

Til then take great care of your precious self.

Rachel 💕

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