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Overwhelm at midlife

Midlife can be overwhelming. Especially for women. And those of us who go through the menopause.

Sometimes you might feel lost.

And feeling lost or out of control is overwhelming.

At times it may feel like there is no way out.

You might not see how to get back to yourself. I certainly felt like this for a long time during my perimenopause.

The burden was often too heavy to bear.

I learned so very many lessons I have learned the hard way.

But I am here to tell you that you can do it.

And I wanted to share with you sone tips that will keep on track.

Make yourself a priority DAILY. This is your time.

Hydrate. Drink lots and lots of water

Magnesium. Have salt baths. Put salt in your water. And use magnesium creams at night to help you sleep.

Change your diet/lifestyle This is a big one. And changed the trajectory of my life considerably in the last 10 years.

Cut out booze and coffee. I know I know. But it’s true. With them you feel crap. Without them you don’t. You choose.

Accept that you are ageing, that your body is changing and that it’s not something to be ashamed of.

You are transitioning through one of the most transformative phases of a woman’s life. If you “menopause” well, you can come out the other side as the magnificent being you were destined to be.

Get exercise. Move well and often. And according to your body’s rhythms.

Walking, swimming, Yoga, Qi Gong. Dancing. Running (if that’s your thing) - be aware that your body is changing , so respond to that rather than what you think you “should” be doing.

Rest. A lot. Naps. Yoga Nidra. Meditation. Walking in nature. All forms of rest.

Advocate for yourself at GP if you're in the U.K.

Check out a symptom checker, read and print out a copy of the NICE guidelines, journal how you feel, take a list of what you want answers to. Maybe take an ally with you for confidence.

Have time alone. This is a no brainer and taps you into remembering who you are. And is also restful.

Hang out with friends and talk openly about your experience. Being in community with other women increases oxytocin levels. If you’re friends are not supportive there are loads of support groups online.

Carry a menopause “kit” with you. This will contain all you need to balance your mood and or physical symptoms. E.g. essential oils, a snack (make it healthy if poss), water, flower remedies ….whatever works.

I hope these help you.

And here's a little sequenc below to help sustain you. 👇👇

Take great care.


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