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This is just a hello for me to check in with you.

It’s also a reminder to take care of your own needs on a daily basis. One of my daily needs is warm water lemon and salt. The lemon helps my liver and the salt gives me a little dose of magnesium.

I’m not a doctor or a qualified nutritionist but I absolutely know this makes me feel better.

Another thing that I do every day is pray. It really makes a huge difference. It makes me, happier and gives my life a sense of purpose.

You don’t have to be religious to pray.

You can pray to the sky, the sea, the grass, a daisy or the wind.

Saying thank you for something or asking for something from a humble place, is really good for the soul.

I’m not one to give you any science to back this up but I’m sure there’s plenty.

I’m over stuff the addiction to “evidence based” stuff sometimes because as far as I’m concerned, my lived experience is also evidence.

And as far as I’m concerned your lived experience is also evidence. That’s good enough for me.

So whatever works for you is great as long as you know it’s doing you no harm.

Have a peaceful day.

Sending you my love.

Rachel 💕✨💕

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